Remember what i’ve told you last Karate class, Young Padawans?…

“I believe that when Dan ranks are awarded in karate, it will inevitably lead to trouble. The ranking system will lead to discrimination within Karate, and karateka will be judged by their rank and not their character. It will create inferior and superior strata within the Karate community, and lead to discrimination between people.”

Chojun Miyagi-SenseiFrom an article on Martial-Arts Titles & Honorifics


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Excelente complemento fisico e espiritual, os treinos de karaté na MAFC ajudam-me a abstrair das preocupações e a descomprimir o stress do dia a dia. As aulas são muito bem conseguidas pelos instrutores com muito bom equilibrio entre desenvolvimento fisico e tecnico conciliados com muita paciência, respeito mútuo e bom humor.
João Miguel Antunes